Hyper Accumulators Data Base ( HADB )

Hyper Accumulators Data Base ( HADB )Hyperaccumulators are rare plants that accumulate certain metals or metalloids in their living tissues to hundreds or thousands of times higher levels than regular plants. The most reported metallophytes plants hyperaccumulate nickel, cobalt, manganese, Copper, cadmium, selenium, thallium, arsenic and so on. Several experimental and computational articles, databases, have been published in this field of research, bust still have a gape to collect this all knowledge to one platform and give an easy way to the scientific community in which they can get all their needed information by single clicks. Therefore, we have collected almost all data from published works by a set particular range, and have provides information of about 2110 hyperaccumulators plants, 35 hyperaccumulates, from 298 family, 1501 species, 1144 genera and have mentioned 64 regions globally. We hope that it will expand as more discoveries are made in the near future. The proposed database is thought to be highly beneficial for researchers especially for phytochemical researcher scientist, computer platforms such as PHP, Html, CSS and JavaScript are used to build HADB and will be updated timely.

Features of Hyperaccumulators Plant